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I feel as though I’ve been looking at everything wrong. For the past year and a half I’ve been on the “Entrepreneur” bandwagon. In some ways I’ve gained little traction for my business by putting myself out their and taking some risks to get my name out. Grant it I only do what I can with the little time I have between my regular full time job and my personal life. This is where the crux of the matter comes to play. I’ve listened, watched, and written down everything that I could get my hands on when it comes to being an entrepreneur for my business. Gary Vee is trending and rightly so. He has a way of motivating you to get out there and get things done. Content content content daily is the name of the game. Stop complaining and making excuses and just get it done. Do free work if have to but you need to just get content out! Stop watching Netflix because that’s consuming your time from your daily grind. Not to mention draining your wallet. There’s one thing though that I think we tend to miss when it comes to getting things done and grinding your way to the top, family. Every speaker that is out there will tell you that you need to hustle but also that you need to prioritize your life. You do not want to become a success in your business at the expense of your family. We entrepreneurs have a dream that we want to fulfill and nothing can get in the way of that dream. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

These last few months have been a wake up call in my efforts of success as a business owner. I truly want to get noticed for what I do and want to do more but it always seems like there’s something in the way. Or at least I’ve convinced myself that there is something in the way. I’ve complained, griped, felt sorry for myself, gone through small bouts of depression, and even doubted that I can actually succeed in this. And through all of it there is one person that has been there for me, my wife. There were times that I’ve felt like quitting and she was there to remind me that I can do this and that I can be successful. She was there when I needed help to hold a light even though it was heavy and made her body ache. She was there when I’d get upset and become negative and at times get frustrated at her for no reason whatsoever. The point that I’m trying to make is don’t get so caught up in the dream that you forget those that are with you and have been with you since the beginning. I get it the negative people you need to get rid but the ones that support you no matter what and are willing to put up with your roller coaster of emotions those are the ones you need to keep close to you. I have learned that yes I need to make sacrifices to have a successful business and that I need to go out and hustle to make things happen, but not at the expense of my family.

If today were my last day on this planet and I had a moment to look back at my life, would I be more proud that I was a great dad, friend, and husband. Or would I be disappointed that I didn’t sacrifice enough of my time and friendships and family to further my career as a photographer? If I lost everything today but had my family(my wife and my girls), I’d die a happy man.