My Journey

As a kid I remember my dad setting up a backdrop using a blanket so that he could take portraits of my little sister and I. A few years after I remember our house getting broken into and seeing my dad a bit frantic. I didn’t find out till after he passed away in February of 2017 that what was stolen that day was his camera equipment. My mom told me he was very upset when it happened. My dad was a hobbyist photographer so when I was in middle school he bought a Canon SLR film camera and showed me how to load the film and shoot. I remember him telling me to not shoot things like cars and houses but to photograph people. I think I remember doing both. I would use it during the summer times and on weekends and shoot around and open the back of the camera while the film was still unexposed when I wasn’t supposed just so I can make sure I loaded the film correct.

Over the years I would use disposable cameras here and there to document life with family and friends but nothing serious. I did the same about ten years ago when I was shooting for our young adults group at our old church in Boca Raton not really knowing how to shoot in low light and all. Somehow I made it work blurry photos and all. When my daughters were in baton that is when I really started to think I could make something of this thing called photography. People were liking my images and were happy that at least someone was taking good photos of the team. Things began to snow ball from there as I began gaining more experience in photography. I did some street photography and then came the weddings. Weddings are the most stressful but they bring in the cash flow. Portraits is where I want to focus more of my attention when it comes to taking photos.

I guess my reason for writing this is I want to show a little of my journey to where I am and where I want to be. My goal is to do it full-time but if I don’t get there and continue to do it on the side I can die saying I did what I love to do. It’s the journey that I’m enjoying the most and through that journey learning more about myself and the people I get to meet along the way.


My dad in his early twenties at the Magic Kingdom